Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport among the 10 most hated airports

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) — the only international airport in the country — featured in the CNN’s world’s 10 most hated airports.

“For a small airport in a pretty country, TIA has it all: the interminable weather delays of Boston Logan, the shoddy restroom maintenance of a Glasgow sports bar, the departure board sparsity of McMurdo Airfield and the chronic chaos of a kids’ soccer match,” it said, adding that some airport improvements have been underway for Nepal Tourism Year 2011 campaign.

However, it claimed that the most hated airports in the world are not the worst airports in the world.

But the most serious beefs with Nepal’s only international airport revolve around its primitive yet officious check-in procedure, starring a roulette wheel of underpaid security agents, according to the CNN. “Departure is an endless game of body searches and silly questions,” it quoted a passenger.

“Those who didn’t have their e-tickets printed out had to argue their way in,” another passenger has been quoted, who was checked seven times and scolded for not having a baggage tag on a carry-on before eventually boarding.

The two US international airports also feature in the list apart from Heathrow of London and Perth Airport of Australia


The CNN has rated the 10 most hated airports and it is no wonder that the Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is among them! As stated above it is the worst International Airport I´ve ever been. Arrivals are quite annoying, the immigration is an old fashioned low tech procedure (the immigration desks are understaffed, while arriving a few planes at one time it is a pure chaos till the visa is issued, all is still handwritten, no computer in sight, unbelivable while hundreds of tourists queue up and waiting for immigration procedure). According to that the luggage will be uncontrolled downstairs as there are hardly controlls while leaving the arrival area and no need to mention the chaos outside where touts are looking for the unware weary tourists.
Same for departures, the check in is as worst as possible, the security check is ridicilous, once after checked in my luggage it was easy for me to stroll beetween in and outside the airport without any security check anymore, but later on further inspections seem to be paranoid ones (or the security staff is overbored). The duty free area is as primitive as a dark busstation barely providing resting areas. Luckily those never need to see the bathrooms. Before boarding it is neccesary to pay high attention because it is very easy to miss boarding (there are only two gates, if to name them) also sparse displayed when and where to go, the always absent helping staff will do the rest. Even the Manila (Philippines) or the Dhaka (Bagladesh) International Airports spread much more charme than this infirm brickstone piece of shit.
For most people the TIA is the first idea of Nepal, and why give them another hint than reality?

There is only the hope illusion that officials will improve this situation soon, tourists make a very important income of the national budget, and how they will be attracted with a non charming welcome like this?

This airport is a truly experience


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