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the jukebox- Hindi and Nepali choice…

During my long term stays in South Asia it is impossible to escape to the local music, without doubt unfamiliar to westernized ears. But slowy I achieve the ground level state where my ears and mind accept Hindi and Nepali songs as some kind as rythm and music and no more as a senseless noise. Here are some favourites….

  • The song ´Resham Phiriri´is THE Nepali Folksong. Heard and played everywhere, nearly everybody know how to play and sing that song.  Played to the sound of the Sarangi.

  • The titlesong of the 1976 Bollywood movie Khabi Khabi starring all time idol Amitabh Bachchan aka Big B.

  • A big song in Nepal, recently. About the usual conflict between woman and men.

  • Another old is gold song from the 1985 movie Ram Teri Ganga Maili. The typical story about boy and girl and their unlucky relationship.

  • Last but not least here is a Nepali movie I really like! Kagbeni released in 2008. A movie about friendship, love and mystic. Here is part1 of 14, the other parts can be found on youtube too

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