strike a new path

The other day while roaming the www for inspiring stuff I came across Packrafting.

Pack what, Raft who? A Packraft is a small inflatable rubberboat which has a minimal volume and wheight, a say so pocketsized vessel. It offers a range of total new opportunities: Remote areas with difficult access are approaching, rivers and lakes can be crossed or simply to bear in mind some other mode of transportation.

The idea to have a vessel always to keep in readiness sounds great and after I stumbled over bikerafting my mind was fixed to try this form of transport. Bikerafting simply means to have an inflatable rubberboat with you on your bike, or vice versa to have a rubberboat and load your bike and stuff on top.

There are some high quality packrafts out there, but unfortunatly also very pricey. But as for many outdoor activities with expensive equipment there are mostly affordable alternatives with cast- off Army stuff, so I found a quasi so called packraft at ebay and thought to give it a try:


bike+ raft= bikeraftbikeraftgood to gogood for 2 too
































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