nilam e.V.

The team of Ladakh Winter 2014/15 is happy to introduce the NGO Nilam e.V. as their official charity partner of the expedition.

Nilam is a word in Bhodi (Tibetan) that is spoken by many locals in Ladakh and means ´dreams´.

Nilam e.V. wants to provide opportunities to local people of the Himalayas to find and to follow their own dreams. In the harsh conditions and climate of the Himalaya the principles of life are completely different than in westernized societies, the struggle to provide the daily needs through hard work is priority which doesn´t allow much space for individual choices. Although their way of life didn´t change much for centuries the outerworld did and nowadays the income of their work do barely cover the basic needs.

Ladakh 2009, 1 679

Nilam e.V. would like to give those people the chance to follow their personal ambitions, objectives and dreams as well as give the possibility for another means of income.

Be it the choice of professional training and education or the progress and forth living of ancient culture and tradition: We plant a seed of hope and care

Ladakh 2009, 1 552

During former trips, we simply did nothingelse than follow our own dreams, therefore we think that this is a great effort, to support people with low chances from lesser developed regions to follow and fulfill theirs.

To realize one´s dream is one´s only true obligation                   – Paulo Coelho

We would like to visit and feature some projects of Nilam e.V. in Ladakh and document it in sound and vision, and in return contribute by the donations raised.

We are currently busy figuring out which projects we will visit and feature and are looking forward for a great collaboration and exchange!

Ladakh 2009, 1 594

Nina, the founder of Nilam e.V. made a short video about her voluntary service in Zanskar:

if you want learn more about:



note: all pics shown on this side are property of Nina, founder of Nilam e.V.


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