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A travel update

Some time past since the last update, so here it comes in a very short form.

In the last month I stayed most of the time in lovely Pokhara, enjoyed the reunion with my empress TY, went out on regular bike trips, with my friend Tsetan, in the entire Pokhara- Valley and also had to do alot of paperwork.

Since the last year many things changed here in Nepal, but the political situation is as instabil as ever, since the Maoist quit their government in 2009 there is a so called ´puppet cabinet´ on power, which the Maoist don´t accept. So there were rumours about a new peoples war in this beautiful Himalayan country, but instead there came only an almost three week strike in the whole country, to set pressure to the government. During this time all occasional daily life went to stillstand. No buses, cars, nor motorbikes were allowed to ride (even rumours about the ban of bicycles went around), all shops and offices kept closed (shops were only allowed to open between 6 and 8pm, due to do the necessary shoping of daily needs). But many shops simply ignored that to open their business through the back door (but were still feared of got their shops destryed due to the strike patrols). After some time the people get tired about that nonsense of blocking the usual business and many people start to demonstrate against this, which is clearly understanable: Nepal is one of the poorest countrys in the world and they harm their own economy alot, only because a few political leaders do not like each other. The only positive during this time was, that there was more electricity provided than normal. I guessd that this is for kept the people busy with watchin TV instead of going out on the streets, but others said there´s nobody in the power houses to cut the line (Nepal has a power schedule, where are the times noted when line cut), because he´s home an watching TV. Anyway, after pressure from outside the strike was stopped and very fast every went back to normal life, what was quite time. The prices for vegetables increased more than double, piles of fruit rottend next to the street because sales were not allowed, and still many people are starving in this country, what a paradox. This shows more and more the nonsense of this government- game, if they would really care about the people, why they harm them with stupid things like such a weeklong srike. It is everywhere the same with politics, if their paycheck is less, then they speeding ticket, and the next comes… I suppose also that there will be a mass of something like a newborn wave in the beginning with the new year.

But of course I also enjoyed  many bicycle trip with my very good friend Tsetan in and around the Pokhara-Valley. Tsetan is a Tibetan teacher in the SOS- school in the Tibetan-Camp of Tashiling and shares a huge passion about riding the bicycle. So he showed me a plenty of wonderful rides. Great, we went to areas where the ´onerupie, onechocolate, onepen´- Mantra still doesn´t exist (normaly tourist will hear this request for small giveaways all the way, what fastly gets very annoying, but worth to mention that the tourist has created this problem by themself). I was always surprised how simple the life turns just around the corner from the tourist hubs like Pokhara. Realy lovely, thank you Tsetan for aplenty of wonderful rides, and for sure many more will come…

Currently I am in Shimla/ India, recover from a 48hours bus trip. The starting point of my Himalayan bike trip this year, but this will be another story…

Here a few random pics from the last few month:


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