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DIY: alcohol stove made out of a beer can

Inspired by this blog post (click to view full post),

simon- adventures blog

I tried this beverage can- stove myself. It takes actually longer to watch the instruction video than to create it (to drink the content hopefully takes longest). In a flash you will have a new stove which is working very well, a recycled, cheap and excellent ultralight gadget too.

It is a perfect alternate to my MSR Whisperlite International multifuel stove. One litre water boils in around 15 min, a windshield probably will increase the performance (but during holiday, time shall not be an issue). The stove itself puts only 23 grams (less than 1/10 to the whisperlite) on the scales which is close to nothing (note: weight could be decreased if designed smaller) and with simple ideas it is easy to create an ultralight kitchen which weights less than 100 grams. For more instructions and ideas check out

Sure this stove is not created for harsh conditions such as winter expeditions or mountain climbing but for shorter trips I think I will give the alcohol stove the advantage and if it breaks new material is waiting along the roadside ditch.


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