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the saltmen of Tibet- a documentary

Long time ago, while roaming the tourist market in Dharamsala/ India I found this great documentary about salt harvesters of Tibet.

A group of nomads head out to the saltlakes into the Chang Tang in Tibet to harvest salt to trade it for other goods of daily needs. This movie shows the annual trip involving a strict ritual of worship and hard work placed into an unbelievable scenery.

Enjoy it!

Here´s part one:





Old school

While the era of high resolution cameras and GoPros had started long time ago, it never seems easier to call himself a director, gather the own blockbuster and share the production through the www on portals like youtube or vimeo than nowadays.

Nevertheless old videos are still some of my favorites, out of a time were the only common digital device probably was a Casio wristwatch and long before disc brakes became common on bicycles.

I found this video about the Iditabike 1988, a 200 mile race through Alaska and don´t want to withheld it:

Bicycles on Snow 1988 from Mark Forman on Vimeo.

Enjoy it.


the jukebox- Hindi and Nepali choice…

During my long term stays in South Asia it is impossible to escape to the local music, without doubt unfamiliar to westernized ears. But slowy I achieve the ground level state where my ears and mind accept Hindi and Nepali songs as some kind as rythm and music and no more as a senseless noise. Here are some favourites….

  • The song ´Resham Phiriri´is THE Nepali Folksong. Heard and played everywhere, nearly everybody know how to play and sing that song.  Played to the sound of the Sarangi.

  • The titlesong of the 1976 Bollywood movie Khabi Khabi starring all time idol Amitabh Bachchan aka Big B.

  • A big song in Nepal, recently. About the usual conflict between woman and men.

  • Another old is gold song from the 1985 movie Ram Teri Ganga Maili. The typical story about boy and girl and their unlucky relationship.

  • Last but not least here is a Nepali movie I really like! Kagbeni released in 2008. A movie about friendship, love and mystic. Here is part1 of 14, the other parts can be found on youtube too


Contribution for

I answerd a few questions about riding in the Indian Himalaya for Friedel and Andrews wonderful bicycle touring page. Check it out! Thanks to Friedel and Andrew

additional to this I got a video which shows a river crossing on the way to Chandratal in Spiti valley, thanks to Naysa for sharing it:

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