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Himalaya Roadsigns part2

After part1 here comes the next part…

to be continued…


Himalaya roadsigns part1

Those who spend some time on the roads close to any important border in India, will get familiar with the famous signs of the  Border Road Organisation. These idiom always amused me and after a while I collected quite a few of them and from time to time I´ll publish some of them here.

Here comes the first batch:

to be continued…


Himalayan bike journey 2010

It took quite along time to update but as I need to admit that my motivaton was very low since I had some digital errors, first my netbook couldn´t arrange with the bumpy roads and quit his job quite fast, moreover later I recongnized that the memory card of my camera deleted all pics, nearly 1000 photos were gone. But thanks to modern technology it wasn´t that difficult to recover almost all the pictures.

In Summer 2010 I set off for another bicycle trip into the mighty Indian mountains. The ride took me through three of the big worldreligions, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Islam, I went through many different ethical areas, Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahaul with its Tibetan and IndoArian influences with an unique mix of Buddhism and Hinduism, remote Ladakh the land of the high passes so called little Tibet, the barren and isolated Zanskar Valley or the mainly Muslim inhabited beautiful green Kashmir…


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